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Kidz Biz Playhouse and Cafe is a small family business run by local Mother and Daughter. We purchased Kidz Biz in June 2018.

Taylor is a Mum to 3 little ones- Charlie, Bentley and Ava- who was looking to rejoin the workforce with some experience in hospitality, customer service and childcare.

Tracey is Mum of two grown up kids and Nan to 3 with many years experience in customer service, hospitality and cleaning as well as experience running a kids club in a local holiday park. 


It's a great place for parents to come and unwind while the kids play and have fun. Overlooking the beautiful Clyde river, you can pop in for a little play or stay for lunch.  We strive to provide a friendly, clean, safe and secure environment for parents and their children between the ages of 

0 – 13.

We are always open to new ideas and love hearing our customers feedback and suggestions, so that we can work on providing the best possible service for our local community. 


We are bubbly and friendly and don’t mind a bit of a chat. So be sure to come on in and bring the kiddies for a play and let us know what you think of our business.


Hope to see you soon

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